Tyumen: The City of Warm Hearts and Discoveries

Tyumen, the first Russian city in Siberia, founded in 1586, continues to surprise and attract attention. Combining a rich history, modern technologies, and unique natural landscapes, Tyumen is a true treasure of Russia. Let’s embark on an exciting journey through this hospitable city to find out what makes it so special.


Historical Heritage

Walking through the streets of Tyumen, you can see buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries that have carefully preserved their original appearance. One of the most striking historical monuments is the Znamensky Cathedral, reconstructed after its destruction during the Soviet era. The historical center of the city, with its cobblestone roads and old mansards, takes you back in time and tells stories of the pioneers of Siberia.

Tyumen healing springs

Natural Beauty

The Tyumen region is known for its healing springs and pristine nature. Relaxing in nature here is not just an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Siberian forests and rivers but also to engage in fishing, hunting, and other active forms of recreation. In winter, Tyumen becomes a center for winter sports with many ski tracks and ice rinks.

Modern Tyumen

Modern City

Modern Tyumen is a dynamically developing city with a high standard of living. IT technologies, new educational programs, and startups are actively developing here. Tyumen is proud of its achievements in medicine and education, offering high-quality services to its residents and guests.

Tyumen Cultural life

Cultural Life

Tyumen is rich in cultural events. Numerous museums, theaters, and exhibition halls offer diverse programs for all ages. Festivals, concerts, and exhibitions regularly take place in the city, attracting talented artists and painters from all over the country. Live music, dance, and theatrical performances fill Tyumen evenings with a unique atmosphere.

Tyumen food restaurant

Culinary Journey

Tyumen cuisine is a unique combination of Siberian traditions and modern culinary trends. Local restaurants and cafes offer dishes made from the gifts of Siberian nature, seasoned with exquisite spices. Particular attention deserves fish dishes prepared from the catch of Siberian rivers.


Invitation to Travel

Tyumen is a city that leaves no one indifferent. From its historical corners to modern technological achievements, from the majestic nature to the bustling life of cultural events—Tyumen awaits those ready to discover its multifaceted character. Come to Tyumen to experience the amazing combination of Siberian hospitality and innovation that makes this city truly unique.

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