Tunisia is a country that attracts tourists with the opportunity to relax on the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean. This area boasts rich subtropical vegetation. Tourists who love history can not only enjoy a beach vacation but also a diverse excursion program.

During these excursions, visitors can explore aqueducts, ruins of ancient cities, temples, antique sculptures, ancient fortresses, and forts, as well as medieval Arab markets and mosques, ethnographic and historical museums. Tunisia is also home to the famed Carthage, which visitors can see and explore. Additionally, there’s the Sahara, the largest desert in the world, where one can witness a Roman amphitheater firsthand.

The level of service in Tunisian hotels is very high, with reasonable costs. A distinctive feature of visiting this country is the visa-free regime, allowing trips to be organized in just one day. The country has a low crime rate. For those looking to enjoy the beach, the best times to visit are May, June, or September and October, when it is not too hot, with temperatures peaking at thirty degrees Celsius.

Arabic is the most common language spoken. French is widely used in business, but in tourist centers, English and German are also commonly understood without any problems.

Thus, Tunisia is a country filled with a friendly attitude towards all visitors and is considered one of the popular tourist destinations.

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