Unlike the typical bustling tourist markets in Africa, the Middle East, or the Mediterranean, this bazaar is calm, even quiet. Vendors do not shout out to attract customers or grab them by the hands or clothes. Prices are almost fixed, and the amount requested rarely and only slightly decreases. The market is small but diverse, featuring original goods. Undoubtedly, the first among them is the huge, often polished sea coconut nuts. Their size, quirky shape, and uniqueness make this famous nut the most popular souvenir.

Lovers of turtle shell jewelry can assemble an entire collection of beautiful necklaces, pendants, bracelets, fans, and combs here. The most expensive variety is the orange plates. Black and dark-colored ones are cheaper. They also sell whole shells and huge, meter-long stuffed sea turtles. The sea surrounding the coral reefs provides exotic enthusiasts with endlessly diverse shells in terms of size, color, and shape. Dozens of different items from mother-of-pearl shells, ranging from beads to pictures, are offered by local craftsmen. Perhaps only products made from coconut nuts, leaves, and wood of this palm surpass the shells in abundance and assortment of crafts.

And of course, there are many famous Seychellois hats, woven or sewn from a variety of plant materials or fabrics. Increasingly, items are being made from bamboo—the school of arts and crafts has already produced masters of this craft. There is also local pottery from the village of Mont Fleuri, where about twenty students are learning the pottery craft.

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