When visiting Belgium, you must certainly travel to the capital of this country – the city of Brussels. After all, it is in Brussels where you’ll find the most beautiful square in Europe – the Grand Place, also considered the most refined square in the world. Visiting this square gives you a unique opportunity to admire the magnificent buildings around it, which represent a significant architectural value.

Legend has it that upon seeing the beauty of Brussels, one of the kings of France, out of envy, decided to destroy the central part of the Belgian capital. However, the stubborn residents of Brussels rebuilt the destroyed heart of Belgium and created a square that was many times more beautiful than its predecessor. Moreover, every detail was meticulously planned during its creation. Thus, Grand Place is a one-of-a-kind medieval square in the world, where the entire architectural ensemble was carefully planned.

Additionally, you can admire the stunning begonias that are planted here twice a year for the last 50 years. If you time your trip to Brussels correctly, you can enjoy the bloom of over 700,000 beautiful begonias.

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