The capital of Estonia is located on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. This ancient European city has charmed thousands of tourists. Tallinn welcomes visitors with its developed modern infrastructure and opens up its medieval soul. On the narrow streets of the Old Town, one can admire houses that radiate a historic spirit.


The red tile roofs and elegant towers give a sense of closeness to fairy tales and magic. Walking on the cobblestone pavements, there is a chance to meet a chimney sweep. As you stroll through the cozy alleys to the heart of the Tallinn fairy tale, a view of a real medieval fortress unfolds ahead, which, according to some sources, began construction in 1219. All this generates a feeling that time here has stopped, but that is not the case; Tallinn is ready to amaze further.


The capital of this modern European state is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and offers excellent service. Estonia is the birthplace of Skype, and here, parking spaces can be paid for using a mobile phone. In Tallinn, there are boutiques of world brands and modern shopping centers that are astounding in their scale. Yet, all these benefits of modern civilization do not overshadow its main attraction – the cleanest air in Europe.


Indeed, Tallinn is truly beautiful and multifaceted. For many centuries, the capital of Estonia has attracted the attention not only of travelers but also of conquerors. This fact has lent the city an international flair, which in turn has left its mark not only on the architecture but also on the character of city life itself.

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