Practically everyone has heard at least once in their lifetime about the mysterious Eastern country known as Siam, but not everyone knows that this was the ancient name for the Kingdom of Thailand. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. The country’s shape somewhat resembles an elephant’s head, pointing towards Myanmar, with its ears towards Laos and Cambodia.

Thailand. Bangkok

Today, Thailand is one of the most developed nations in Southeast Asia. The skyscrapers and neon lights have not overshadowed its rich national culture, primarily because Thailand is a country of Buddhist thinking.

The Thai people are very friendly, always balanced, and hospitable. Some call Thailand the “land of smiles.” When talking to Thais, one should use a gentle, persuasive voice. And when entering a private home, it is customary to remove one’s shoes.

A relatively high economic level combined with the relatively low cost of goods and services, modern cities, rich architecture, flawless hotels, and beautiful resorts make Thailand the most attractive tourist destination in Southeast Asia.

Ancient Buddhist traditions and culture are carefully preserved here, yet there is a rapid response to changes in the modern world. It is in this country that the latest achievements of humanity are intricately intertwined with traditional ways of life.

Numerous Buddhist temples and monasteries, the magnificent palaces and pagodas in Bangkok, the world-famous Pattaya beaches, nightlife filled with various shows, martial arts (Muay Thai, Chaiya, etc.), and Thai massage, the renowned Thai cuisine, and vibrant Buddhist festivals attract tourists from around the world every year. For lovers of the exotic, unique islands and extraordinary floating markets await.

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