Since the 1930s, Shanghai has been and remains one of the largest and most prosperous cities in the East. Today, it is not only the most populous city in China, but also a progressive center of modern technologies and business.

In Shanghai, various times and epochs intertwine – every traveler can find something interesting here for themselves.

To immerse yourself in the past, visit Yuyuan. This wonderful garden is a real architectural landmark, which also houses a temple built in 1559. This complex was severely damaged during the Opium Wars, but has been professionally restored and today welcomes thousands of tourists from around the world.

If you are interested in the early 20th century, you should definitely stroll through the Huhui District. This area has many old majestic buildings whose architectural appearance perfectly conveys the designated time period.

Now, Shanghai is a true metropolis with skyscrapers and modern cultural sites: museums, galleries, and exhibition centers. The Pudong area is dotted with numerous skyscrapers, which house offices and branches of the largest international corporations.

Shopping enthusiasts will enjoy Nanjing Road – it features shopping malls and boutiques of the most famous world brands. If you want to purchase items made by local artisans or jewelry, head to the traditional Yuyuan market.

The local cuisine is unique and can hardly be considered purely Chinese – it has been influenced by foreign restaurant workers for many centuries. All dishes here have a characteristic sweet flavor and are made from fresh local ingredients. The secret to Shanghai’s balanced cuisine lies in the combination of different flavors.

Shanghai is a great city for travel! Here, tradition and modernity coexist in an amazing way, and the purely Chinese ambiance is complemented by the charm of Western skyscrapers!

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