Kaş – a lesser-known resort to tourists, located in southern Turkey at the border between the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. It is a three-hour drive from Antalya and is surrounded by pine forests and mountains. Primarily visited by Turks, Kaş remains calm and uncrowded unlike more popular Turkish resorts.

In ancient times, this area was part of the Lycian state. Around Kaş, ruins of Greek palaces and amphitheaters have been preserved to this day, and in the city itself, visitors can explore the tomb of ancient Greek rulers.

But it’s not just historical sites that draw tourists here. Kaş is an ideal spot for diving. The coastal waters are home to a variety of marine life including octopuses, turtles, and rays. There are diving schools for beginners, and nearby, excursions are available to the sunken city on Kekova Island.

The bays of Kaş are renowned for their long beaches. Numerous yachts with vacationers and tourists dock here, greeted by pristine nature and isolated from civilization by high rocky mountains.

Cheap flights to Kas (the nearest airport is Antalya)


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