Located in Southeastern Ontario, near the Quebec border, Ottawa might seem like an underwhelming choice for the capital of Canada compared to other cities in the country. However, this doesn’t mean it should be overlooked as a tourist destination.

Visit and you’ll understand why Ottawa is the capital of Canada. It’s a cozy, small town that is ideal for family living, with its vibrant public and cultural life.

Perhaps there is no other capital in the world where it’s so comfortable to own a country house. The city center is replete with stunning architectural structures and constructions, modern museums, fashionable boutiques, and exquisite restaurants. The downtown area is very walkable.

Additionally, throughout the year, the city hosts dozens of festivals. While the cold weather may seem like a deterrent, a few hours of ice skating along the Rideau Canal will turn even the most stubborn beachgoer into a true romantic! But if you do manage to get cold, hot chocolate in one of the small cafes will help warm you up!

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