Agadir is the most popular resort city in Morocco, often referred to as the Moroccan pearl of beach holidays. Located in a scenic spot, it is famous for its endless beach strip that spans the entire city. The cool Canary Current creates perfect climate conditions, keeping the city free from oppressive heat.

The resort offers a variety of water sports including surfing, fishing, jet skiing, and more. There’s also a high interest in guided tours of local attractions.

A walk through the Souss-Massa National Park can be thrilling, home to gazelles, Egyptian mongooses, wild boars, and other animals, and in the winter, flamingos can be seen. Local shops are great for a stroll, and on Thursdays, the Agadir Souk market is a must-visit, offering jewelry, leather goods, colorful carpets, and more.

Numerous restaurants in Agadir offer a wide selection of seafood and traditional Arab dishes. The resort frequently hosts various shows, concerts, and festivals. Agadir is a fantastic place for an amazing holiday.

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