House of Soviets
Historians say that even before the war, there were plans to move the capital of the republic to Mogilev. That’s why such a magnificent building was constructed here in Lenin Square in 1940. The architect was I. Langbard. Interestingly, the Government House in Minsk is also his work. The House of Soviets has a pyramidal appearance. The structure looks very majestic and is mesmerizing with its size. Today, it houses the regional executive committee.

Memorial Arch
Constructed in 1780. During the Soviet era, restorers worked on the arch. It was “decorated” with a bas-relief of Lenin (there was, of course, also a bas-relief of Joseph Vissarionovich, but it was removed after the well-known events associated with the debunking of the cult of personality). The passage was sealed off in the early 1960s.

Mogilev Zoo
Today, the Mogilev Zoo is a favorite place for both residents and visitors. It is located on a vast area of 124 hectares. A highlight of this place is its large enclosures. Excellent conditions have been created here for animals and birds listed in the Red Book (at least 200 species in total). But the main pride of local scientists is, of course, the European bison. In the zoo’s enclosures, one can encounter a whole family of these noble animals.

Simonov Stone
The famous writer Simonov bequeathed that after his cremation, his ashes be scattered at Buinich Field, where one of the bloodiest battles of the war with the fascists took place at the very beginning. His wishes were fulfilled. Today, a glacial boulder stands at this spot, with the writer’s autograph engraved on it.

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