Did you know that in Jamaica:

  1. The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, who has broken numerous world records in sprinting, resides here.

Jamaica Usain Bolt

2. Before school, students engage in a morning prayer.

Jamaica school prayer

3. You can see one of the largest butterflies in the world, known as the Giant Swallowtail.

Jamaica largest butterflies in the world

4. The local girls are sweet and beautiful.

Jamaica Local girls

5. There is no official age restriction on the consumption of alcohol.

Jamaica alcohol no age limit

6. Christopher Columbus saw the Blue Mountains of the island during his voyage.

Jamaica Blue Mountains

7. Jamaica built the first railway in the Western Hemisphere, outpacing developed countries such as the USA and Great Britain.

Jamaica railway

8. Jamaica has the highest rate of twin births in the world.

Jamaica twins

9. The name of the island translates to “island of springs” or “land of springs.”

Jamaica island of springs

10. The most popular and delicious dishes include “ackee” – a fruit from a tree that tastes like scrambled eggs, and “saltfish” – salted cod.

Jamaica ackee dishes

11. The Blue Lagoon, a beautiful and familiar place to many, is located here.

Jamaica Blue Lagoon

12. It’s a paradise for those who enjoy soft drugs, as marijuana can be consumed in any quantity.


13. The famous singer Bob Marley was born and raised here; the island even has a museum dedicated to his work.

Jamaica Bob Marley

14. One of the tourists’ favorite spots is Dunn’s River Falls.

Jamaica Dunn's River

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