Do you know that in Croatia:

  1. The first European theater was built at the beginning of the 17th century.
  2. The town of Hum is located here, which is the smallest in the world with a population of 23 people.
  3. At the end of the 20th century, the largest truffle in the world was found, measuring 19cm x 12cm x 13cm.
  4. The island of Brač is known for its stone, which has been used to construct many architectural works, including the White House.
  5. The world-famous breed of dog, the Dalmatian, originated here.
  6. The famous explorer Marco Polo was born in Croatia.
  7. Every year, the city of Rijeka hosts one of the most popular and visited tourist events, the carnival.
  8. To the dismay of many men around the world, the necktie was invented here.
  9. The main tourist attraction is the unusual beach “Golden Cape,” which changes its shape depending on the direction of the wind and water currents.
  10. There is a natural wonder on the island of Mljet, where in the Great Lake on the island, there is another island!
  11. On April Fool’s Day, in the town of Ludbreg, wine flows from the fountain.
  12. The “white-headed vulture,” a rare bird, is considered the unofficial symbol of the island of Cres.
  13. Zadar liqueur is produced here, highly esteemed by such famous figures as Nicholas II and Napoleon.
  14. The inventor of the ages, Nikola Tesla, was born in Croatia.
  15. One of the delicious dishes here is “brodetto,” where several types of fish are fried with onions, then a variety of spices are added, and it is simmered until the fish separates from the bones.

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