1. Fish Village. A quarter built in the spirit of old Königsberg and serves as the historical center of Kaliningrad. There’s a lot to see here and dive into the atmosphere of antiquity: the “Lamze” tower, “Bessel” tower, and a river station from which you can take a river tram tour along the Pregolya River.
  2. Cathedral. This monumental building, constructed in 1333 in the Gothic style, will not leave you indifferent. Searching for various historical frescoes and plaques, you will spend a lot of time but derive immense pleasure from it. I also recommend attending organ concerts to fully immerse yourself in this incredible atmosphere.
  3. Amalienau. This is a district from pre-war Königsberg where influential and wealthy people lived. The general architectural style of the villas is German modernism. Most of the buildings can be considered true masterpieces of the architecture of that time. Here you can see how people lived back then and take a small journey through time.
  4. Curonian Spit. A national park listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A place where you can see the beauty and power of nature, which manifests in the unusual Dancing Forest or the breathtaking height of the Efa dune, among other attractions. Besides the tourist spots, you can see wildlife running close by, find uncrowded, vast beaches, and experience the more wave-tossed and clean Baltic Sea.
  5. Fort No. 11 “Dönhoff.” For those interested in military themes, this fort, built between 1877-1881 and preserved almost in its original form until recently, was a military unit. Now, it is a historical museum of great historical value and is open to all visitors.

Kaliningrad Oblast is very diverse and rich in interesting historical sites scattered across the entire territory, and it would take a vast amount of time to describe them all. So now is the perfect time to gather and see everything with your own eyes.

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