In October, a major festival is celebrated – Oktoberfest. During the festival, German residents and visitors enjoy carousel rides and buy souvenirs at the market square.

In Munich, a large number of visitors gather for the celebrations. Oktoberfest is held near the Central Station in the city center at Theresienwiese. The festival lasts for sixteen days.

Many travel agencies offer tours to this festival. During this period, tours to both Dubai and Bavaria are available.

During these days, all the city’s breweries set up their tents. Guests are served by fifteen small and fourteen large tents. At Oktoberfest, one can see carriages and decorated wagons. Marching bands, hunting parties, shooters, and shepherds with their flocks parade through the streets. Oktoberfest is the largest festival of its kind in the world. At Christmas, fairs are held in all major cities with roasted chestnuts, gingerbread, and marzipan.

A Christmas tree, glowing with bright, multicolored lights, is the main decoration of the holiday. The period of the Christmas fast is called Advent.

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