Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast is renowned among beach lovers and is divided into two parts: the north and south. The northern coast near Varna hosts the most prestigious resorts such as Albena, St. Elena and Konstantin, and Golden Sands, while the southern coast offers more accessible options including Elenite, Sunny Beach, Pomorie, and Primorsko.

Bulgaria’s beach resorts like Nessebar, Sunny Beach, Albena, and Golden Sands are not only picturesque but also boast environmentally clean surroundings. These resorts offer a serene retreat combined with the untouched beauty of nature, making them a preferred destination for those seeking both relaxation and vibrant beach life.

The beaches in Bulgaria are known for their gentle slopes into the sea, which is clear and shallow, making it safe even for less experienced swimmers. The seabed is secure, adding an extra layer of safety for beachgoers. From May through September, the beach season thrives, attracting visitors with its warm weather and inviting waters.

Sunny Beach, located 35 kilometers from the city of Burgas, is particularly famous. It features a nearly perfect semicircular bay surrounded by natural, gentle sand dunes. The water is exceptionally clean, and the sea floor descends slowly, ensuring a safe environment for all ages.

Recreational activities abound on these beaches, where visitors can enjoy a variety of sports and thrilling attractions. There are opportunities to play beach volleyball or tennis, engage in water sports like catamaran sailing and water skiing, and participate in many other enjoyable activities. The combination of pristine natural beauty, safe and welcoming beaches, and a plethora of recreational options makes the Bulgarian Black Sea coast a top choice for a memorable vacation.

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