Lately, the island of Crete has been gaining popularity among the top favorite foreign vacation spots, which is no surprise.

Crete, Greece

Crete, the largest island in Greece, has a coastline stretching over 1000 km, dotted with magnificent resorts featuring beaches with golden sands, azure coasts, and nature of astonishing beauty. The main advantages of this area are its pleasant climate, moderately dry yet humid, and low rainfall – averaging 320 days a year without precipitation, which allows for early booking and discounts.

Crete, Greece

Captivating History

Greek mythology, which claims Crete as the birthplace of Zeus who abducted Europa and raised three children with her, one of whom elevated Greece to one of the most prosperous countries in the world, is of great interest. The local population still honors the customs and traditions of their ancestors, which can be observed throughout the island in the everyday life of its inhabitants.

Crete, Greece

Resorts and Island Life

One of the most popular tourist destinations is the northern part of Crete, thanks to the highly developed infrastructure of major cities and the beauty of tourist complexes.

Options range from densely populated urban areas where most tourists come for nightlife to secluded beaches on the southern coast where the romance is undisturbed by the constant activity of other people. The southern coast is dotted with small hotels with cozy rooms offering picturesque views of the island, the sea playing with the sun’s rays, and ghostly bays occasionally visited by small ships.

Crete, Greece

Vacation Costs

Room rates start at 25 euros per night in a three-star hotel. Prices then rise and vary within the range of 150 euros per night in a hotel and 200 euros per day in a private villa.

Thus, the average prices for four-star hotels are:

30-90 euros, provided the hotel is in a neighboring town or settlement away from the seaside.
90-110 euros, if the beach is less than a 30-minute walk away.
120 euros and above, if the coast is no more than a 10-minute walk away.

Factors that make a difference include:

Overall convenience and interior.
Service and dining.
Distance to the seaside.
Scenic nature of the area.
Proximity to major cities.

Крит, Греция


Crete is chosen by both those seeking solitude and family couples. The resorts on this island will leave no one indifferent, and the landscapes and the attitude of the local people will leave a wealth of pleasant impressions and a desire to return.

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