If you translate the name of the city, it translates to something like “good air” or “kind wind.” Argentina is blessed with warm and sunny weather, a pleasant climate without extreme heat, making it an increasingly popular tourism destination. Nearby Turkey and Egypt no longer surprise many, but Argentina still holds an air of mystery.

Buenos Aires usually does not disappoint tourists. The history of Buenos Aires has endowed it with truly remarkable architecture. The old part of the city impresses with genuinely European-style houses—feeling the influence of Madrid, London, and Paris. The numerous Catholic cathedrals are also extremely interesting. The best examples of old architecture are found in the Monserrat district.

However, Buenos Aires is also a rapidly developing modern city that meets all the requirements of the capital of a large and prosperous country. Skyscrapers are increasingly appearing in the business district, and hotels astonish with luxury and unprecedented comfort. Like any major city, fashionable neighborhoods sometimes adjoin poor but also proud districts—the history has left its mark on them too.

Buenos Aires is famous not only for its architecture. Shopping, entertainment, attractions—all are abundant in the sunny city.

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