The favorite leisure spot for Brazilians is the wonderful beaches of Rio. Here they play in childhood, spend their youth days, and many spend their entire lives. Here they meet, have fun, relax, walk, make acquaintances, and exchange news. The most beautiful is considered to be Grumari Beach, a favorite spot for water sports enthusiasts and surfers.

The most prestigious and, consequently, the most expensive beaches are Copacabana and Leme, although one of these beaches – Arpoador (the far end of Copacabana) was previously known as “devil’s”. It constantly has strong waves and is quite dangerous for swimming. Only professionals surf there. Generally, Copacabana is characterized by strong undercurrents. Swimming is possible along its 3-kilometer stretch.

On the beaches of Leblon (1.3 km), the financially well-off residents of Rio de Janeiro spend their time. Living in Leblon is considered prestigious, and spending leisure time on its beaches and the adjoining Ipanema Beach (2.2 km) is considered good form. By the way, it is on these beaches that the youngest and most attractive Brazilian women prefer to sunbathe.

Among the most beautiful places in Brazil is Pepino San Conrado Beach, which is quite safe but separated from the city by a huge rock. Pepino San Conrado is a vast beach accessible via Niemeyer Avenue. It often hosts performers and is always full of surfers.

Unfortunately, the Botafogo beaches are in a terribly polluted state. The excellent beaches of Barra da Tijuca have only one drawback – they are located next to a huge favela.

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