Despite its communist regime, Cuba remains the Island of Freedom, where tourists flock year-round for the best vacation, where splendid tropical nature combines with exotic dances and carnivals.

In Cuba, the dry season begins in September and ends in April. After this, the rainy season starts, and it is best to avoid travel then, as the streets become flooded, and umbrellas are no help.


The island boasts many natural attractions: Havana is famous for its ancient fortresses and architectural monuments. The National Museum and the Museum of the City of Havana are home to an array of exhibits.

Those fortunate enough to visit the Soroa Orchid Sanctuary, the Caleta Buena crocodile nursery, take a helicopter ride through the Yumuri Valley, go horseback riding, ride in semi-submersible boats, or participate in jeep safari races will never forget these extraordinary excursions.


Among the most famous resorts in Cuba are Varadero, Santa Maria, Trinidad, and others. Nowhere else in the world can you find such fine white sand and crystal-clear turquoise seas, a variety of palms (about 100 species), and a diverse wildlife.

Cuba is unimaginable without vast amounts of rum, oceans of music, fun, and dancing. Everyone dances here, from young to old, and only to their national music. However, music isn’t always necessary for Cubans; they are ready to dance without it. Rarely can you find such a people who love life so deeply, where material values are of least importance.


The fame of Cuban carnivals and the magnificent “Tropicana” show in the capital’s center has spread far beyond the island’s shores. The country is known for its not very wealthy, but always smiling and very hospitable people, for whom Cuba is the best country in the world with bright sunshine and endless ocean.

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