A strange incident occurred in Argentina: a tourist left his wife at a gas station. He simply forgot about her and drove off. Something is definitely amiss in this family, as even her son did not notice the woman’s disappearance.

The unfortunate husband had stepped away to use the restroom at one of the gas stations. The wife, not wanting to waste time, went to buy cookies. To her astonishment, when she returned from the store, she found neither her husband nor the car. Her cell phone was left in the vehicle. She could have borrowed a phone from the staff or other customers at the gas station, but she completely forgot her husband’s phone number.

And what about the husband? Only after traveling a hundred kilometers did he suspect something was amiss: his wife was unusually quiet. Turning to look at the back seat, he found only his son, who was engrossed in a game on his cell phone. Moreover, they were being chased by a police car: the woman, in despair, had turned to the authorities.

According to the police, the woman, upon being reunited with her family, was very angry and even uttered some harsh words to her husband. The husband, it is reported, was not as upset, while the son continued to play with the phone. Indeed, there is something not quite right with this family…

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