New York — a city known for its skyscrapers, Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty. But beyond its famous landmarks, there are hidden corners that can surprise even the most seasoned travelers. Here are five unusual places in New York that are worth adding to your visit list.

Morbid Museum
Morbid Museum

1. Morbid Museum

Located in Brooklyn, the Morbid Museum is dedicated to the art, history, and science of death. Its exhibits include everything from medical instruments to rare anatomy books. The museum offers a unique perspective on how cultures around the world relate to death and dying.

59th Street - Lexington Avenue Subway Station
59th Street – Lexington Avenue Subway Station

2. Secret Subway Entrance at Bloomingdale’s

On the first floor of the famous Bloomingdale’s department store is one of the most unusual entrances to the New York subway. This secret entrance leads to the 59th Street — Lexington Avenue station, allowing the store’s customers to travel without attracting undue attention.

Central Park "Forgotten Pine"
Central Park “Forgotten Pine”

3. Central Park “Forgotten Pine”

In the very heart of Central Park, among its famous landscapes, hides the “Forgotten Pine” — a secluded spot where you can enjoy nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s the perfect place for those looking for peace and solitude in the heart of the metropolis.

New York mosaic in the subway
New York mosaic in the subway

4. Underground Art Museum in the Subway

The New York subway network harbors a real underground art museum. From station to station, one can discover mosaics, sculptures, and installations by famous artists. It’s a unique opportunity to see works of art while moving through the city.

Destroyed movie theater in Staten Island
Destroyed movie theater in Staten Island

5. Abandoned Theater in Staten Island

On Staten Island is an abandoned theater that has become a site of urban archaeology. Deserted many years ago, it attracts researchers and photographers with its dust-covered halls and remains of film projectors. This place is like frozen in time, offering a unique immersion into the past.

These places are just the tip of the iceberg of what New York can offer to those who wish to look beyond the facades of its famous landmarks. Visiting such unusual places allows you to see another side of this multifaceted city and gain unforgettable experiences.

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